Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daily general awareness quiz...

1 Who is the president of Maldives?
A.            Andulla Naseen Mohamed
B.             Yameen Abdul Gayoom
C.             Mohammed Nasheed
D.            Mohamed Jameel Ahmed

    2 Where is the headquarter of NASA?
A.            New York
B.             Beijing
C.             Tokyo
D.            Washington DC

     3 Which country became the 9th country in the world to launch all weather armed drone?
a.              India
b.              North Korea
c.              Pakistan
d.             South Korea

   4 Who won the gold title in Swiss Open Grand Prix?
a.              Viktor Alexson
b.              Pulela Gopichand
c.              Lee Chong Wei
d.             Kidambi Srikanth

   5 Who is the author of the book, The Modi Effect?
a.              J.K. Rowling
b.              Jane Austen
c.              Lance Price
d.             George Orwell
   6 Who recently became the first player to score four successive one-day international centuries, setting a new record, during World Cup 2015?
(A)  AB de Villers
(B)   Mahela Jayawardene
(C)   Kumar Sangakkara
(D)  Brendon Mccullum
    7 Which state recently won Ranji Trophy 2015 beating Tamil Nadu by an innings and 217 runs?
(A)  Maharashtra
(B)   Karnataka
(C)   West Bengal
(D)  Delhi

  8 Name the Special CBI judge, who recently summoned former PM Manmohan Singh and five other accused in the coal scam?
(A)  Ashok Kumar Mathur
(B)   K G Balakrishnan
(C)   Mukul Mudgal
(D)  Bharat Parashar

   9 Recently, United States President Barack Obama has nominated veteran diplomat David Hale as the next ambassador to?
(A)  India
(B)   Pakistan
(C)   China
(D)  Bangladesh
110 India on 11 March 2015 signed four agreements with the Indian Ocean island nation Seychelles to boost security and maritime partnership. Capital of Seychelles is?
(A)  Amman
(B)   Port Louis
(C)   Victoria
(D)  Male 

111 World Kidney Day is observed on?
(A)  March 12
(B)   March 11
(C)   March 13
(D)  March 14

112 N. Sakthan was on 12 March 2015 elected as the Speaker of which state's Legislative Assembly?
(A)  Tamil Nadu
(B)   Telengana
(C)   Andhra Pradesh
(D)  Kerala
113 Name the Chief Minister of Bihar who on 11 March 2015 won trust vote on the floor of assembly?
(A)  Nitish Kumar
(B)   Ram Vilas Paswan
(C)   Lalu Prasad Yadav
(D)  Jithin Ram Manji

114  World Kidney Day was observed on 12 March 2015. The theme for the day this year(2015) was?
(A)  STOP Kidney Attack
(B)   Kidney Health For All
(C)   Chronic Kidney Disease & Aging
(D)  Donate- Kidneys for Life

115  Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest at the 47th National Day celebrations of which country on 12 March 2015?
(A)  Sri Lanka
(B)   Thailand
(C)   Mauritius
(D)  Seychelles

1 Ans. (B)
2 Ans. (D)
3 Ans. (C)
4 Ans. (D)
5 Ans. (C)
6) Ans. (C) Kumar Sangakkara
7) Ans. (B) Karnataka
8) Ans. (D) Bharat Parashar
9) Ans. (B) Pakistan
10) Ans. (C) Victoria
11) Ans. (A) March 12
12) Ans. (D) Kerala
13) Ans. (A) Nitish Kumar
14) Ans. (B) Kidney Health For All
15) Ans. (C) Mauritius

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